Energy Flow Practices

Join me as I guide you through various Qi Flows and Acupressure Stimulation practices.

focus and clarity practice with Angela Chambers

Focus and Clarity Qi Practice

Align mind, heart and gut to be able to make choices with complete clarity and focus. Useful whenever you need to remember who you are and what you are here to do.

meditation practice with Angela Chambers

Release Emotional Stress Meditation

This meditation helps you to release emotions, stress and tension to the Earth and fill your body with heavenly Qi energy.

acupoint hand massage with Angela Chambers

Hand Acupoint Massage

Feel your whole body relax when you massage your hands. You only need yourself and a little bit of Oil.

acupressure practice with Angela Chambers

Acupressure for Anxiety

Simple, powerful Acupoint sequence to calm and release fear. Enjoy!

facial acupressure with Angela Chambers

Facial Acupressure Massage

Glowing, healthy skin with this super simple acupressure face massage. Learn more about facial acupressure and Gua Sha.

Morning Qi practice with Angela Chambers

Simple Morning Qi Practice

Follow along and move your energy, in the morning or any other time you feel stuck, tense, stiff or grumpy.

Let Go & Recharge

This power practice helps you to let go of the day, release the energy and recenter. Through this practice, you will learn to listen within and become more in tune with yourself and your beliefs. Empowering you to become a master of your own energy!

Qi Flow practice with Angela Chambers

Release Bad Mood & Change your Frequency

See how simple and easy it is to let go of a bad mood and refocus your energy to where you want it to go.

7-minute practice

Smooth Qi Flow Practice with Angela Chambers

Smooth Flow of Qi & Clear Boundaries

Do this morning and evening, like an energy shower to charge your battery and enhance smooth flowing Qi in your body.

5-minute practice

acupoints to release grief

Acupressure Points to Release Grief

Use these Acupressure points to release grief and sadness from your body.
In Chinese medicine, the Lung organ system is associated with the emotion of grief and also affected by it.