The Five

Ancient Chinese wisdom to enhance modern-day life.


If you’re ready to learn how to simply and consistently elevate your life,
Welcome to The Five.

Living with the Five Elements for health, radiance and harmony.

The Five is designed as a guide to familiarise yourself with the basics of Chinese medicine and

to incorporate these powerful principles into your life immediately to create inner and outer harmony.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand your energy better

  • Experience emotional, mental and physical harmony and balance

  • Live with the natural seasons and experience flow

  • Get to know the Meridians (energy pathways of the body) and how to use Acupressure for your health and self care

  • Apply Chinese medicine’s timeless wisdom to your life

  • Explore Essential Oils for each element from a Chinese Medicine perspective

I purely would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for sharing your wisdom with us during ‘The Five’. I completely loved every second of it! The information was ancient but shared in a modern context and the practices were user friendly and very simply implemented into my daily routine. What stands out to me most though is I feel more connected to my energy rhythms and I know that the practices are impacting positively on my health! Wonderful course energy feelers and lovers – this is a MUST DO!

Amanda, May/June Course

Interview with Elena Brower

For more insight into what you can expect from the course, watch this interview



What is included in this course?

  • An overview of the Chinese Medicine terminology and an introduction to the Elements

  • A break down of each of the Elements, its nature, strengths and how to keep them balanced

  • A short video practice for each Element

  • Downloadable PDFs for each Element including Meridians and selected Acupressure Points for self-massage and easy reference

  • Essential Oil selections to support each Element

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and to our private Facebook Group

  • One live Zoom call per element with a Q&A session

  • Support through our private Facebook Community

Join The Five!

Learn how to take care of yourself, naturally throughout the seasons with

Acupressure, Qi Cultivation and Essential Oils.

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Angela’s teachings are super easy to understand and already within the first days of the course ‘The Five’ I am incorporating movements into everyday life and applying the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The course really inspires action and the most beautiful thing: it’s timelessness! This is wisdom and learnings that stand the test of time and are super effective. It’s a joy to learn from Angela!

Since I first saw one of Angela’s drawings explaining acupressure points to use to support yourself, my curiosity about her take on wellbeing has grown. I am currently taking her Beautiful You class and I love it. She has very clear video’s explaining what to do, and beautiful pdf’s with her drawings so you know exactly what to do. Her voice is very calming and relaxing to me and when I had questions Angela was so kind and answered them all! I think that when you’re curious about acupressure and what it can do for you, Angela is a teacher who will show you the way. And she does so very practical, so it is easy to follow and implement in your daily life!!

The Five is an invitation. An invitation to stop and look at your body and health in a completely different way. An invitation to establish a new relationship with your body. More caring, loving and respectful. An invitation to understand who you are and who you can be. An invitation to experiment, try and have fun too. A never ending learning. Thank you Angela.